Chasing Dragons at Satan’s Hollow

Chasing dragons, Wardxvi, Soul Desire, Fear me December.

Satan’s Hollow, Manchester. November 2nd 2018

Friday night was a female fronted frenzy at Satan’s hollow with 4 awesome bands taking to the stage. Unfortunately we missed the first band, Fear me December as it was an early start, but I gave theirEp crystallized a listen on Spotify and Victoria’s vocals are reminiscent of Paramores Hayley with a much heavier instrumental background. Soul desire sounded great, with Becky Jades strong vocals and flame red flowing hair taking centre stage they played a great set including songs from new EP Ignite.

The next band are something different, Wardxvi from Preston are a theatrical treat of horror rock. Singer Psychoberrie portrays a violent serial killer who is now incarsarated in ward xvi for the criminally insane along with other inmates including Dr.von stottenstein, Wolfy huntsman and Lex Whittingham. Tracks such as techno metal The Flight and the creepy but catchy Toy Box from their album The art of manipulation are performed along side a gruesome show which includes a dead body, chainsaws, axes and bloody Psychoberrie who shifts through the crowd hunting her next victim.

The headliners, Chasing dragons are welcomed on stage with a rapturous applause from the fans. Singer Tank belts out the lyrics and the band sound awesome. They play a great set including tracks from their new album Faction including new single Like gravity. There is great banter between the band and the fans throughout the show and it was a great way to start their tour.


Philip Goddard

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