Cast, still ‘Alright’ after more than 30 years

Cast are easily in my top 5 of Nineties Brit Bands. Some of the best songs ever are played by this band, it’s why I’m always there if I can. This year they come to Manchester promoting a new album called Love Is The Call.

Tonight, the first tune they play is Sandstorm followed by Fine Time……most bands if they played 2 of the best at the beginning would struggle to scatter classics across the set, this is Cast….not a problem.

New song Bluebird was the third, I’d been told about this tune and it possible being the best song on the new album, followed by Love Is The Call and Love You Like I Do…..both also from the new album.

After another new one…Rain That Falls we head back to the 90s with the single Flying followed by Guiding Star. By now I’m in my element.

We stay in the nineties until First Smile Ever is played followed by Far Away. Walk Away and Free Me take us to the encore…..

Tell It Like It Is and History take us to the final song Alright. John Powers voice is still as good as back in the day, he never seems to tire and as always puts on an amazing show.

Brilliant night out, thank you Cast

Apologies for the lack of a Photo Gallery, I had an SD Card Mishap so may be some time before i can rescue them…


Philip Goddard

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