Carly Rae Jepsen dazzles Manchester

Canadian pop sensation  Carly Rae Jepsen put on an incredible show which was rammed packed with pop goodness which kept the crowd singing and dancing all night! Honestly the whole show felt like a fever dream as the show was split into two parts and not only that we even had an encore! Carly released a new album last October “the loneliest time”  so being able to hear loads of new tracks for the first time was something special and yes my new favourite track from her at the moment is “talking to yourself” tis a banger!
I’ve been a huge fan of Carly Rae for many years as her feel good vibes can turn any frown upside down and just sing and dance along and after photographing her last show In Manchester back in 2020 I knew exactly what to expect and it was simply flawless! I have no idea how Carly can be so energetic and just so full of sunshine and happiness for performing over a hour and half show with a break in between. I can’t complain as it was such an amazing show and to constantly engage with the fans smiling, dancing , waving and jumping into barriers for some intimate moments with the fans which they will treasure forever.
I know pop music is hit and miss with some people and it’s understandable however with gems like Carly Rae you’ll be far from disappointed. Again mentioning her charismatic attitude with her music you cannot be upset with. even the slower love songs about love and break ups  with ex’s being dicks but also finding guys out there who are the good guys too! Some key moments which i’ll never forget is when she went straight in with the second song “run away with me” as soon as you heard that sax intro we all lost it!  more key pics are tracks  Julien, talking to yourself, OF course Call me maybe! for a track that’s 11 years old it still slaps pretty hard to make anyone go nuts!  I didn’t just come here to dance and with the final track on the encore cut to the feeling with confetti cannons it was simply magical!
During the middle of the 2nd act there was a crowd vote with your type and cry. Carly being an absolute star sang both and sang the request song for the night boy problems! I’ve been doing concerts for a long time and this got to be such a rare moment to happen where fans could choose a song. That just shows us how awesome this gal is! It was one of those moments at the end of the 2nd act will there be an encore because of time keeping and to our surprise it did happen with the mood being calm and warm with Go find yourself or whatever carly sat down and sang this. Bounced the last few songs with Beach house and as i mentioned cut the feeling being the final final track for the night it was truly something special and it ended the perfect night!
Carly Rae Jepsen …please come back again soon!
Words and Photos by Chris Ryan

Christopher Ryan

Photographer and Gamer who loves all sorts of music from satanic metal to the happy pop bangers and most games except fifa >.>

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