Bull – Discover Effortless Living

OK, so growing up listening to alternative rock you discover, weird and out there, names. Some breakthrough into the cultural zeitgeist like Beck, Big Star and Soul Asylum. Some remain in relative obscurity but garner an impressive underground following. What should fly into my inbox, but a new album from Bull. Which I feel is something quite special. Discover Effortless Living is a fun little record that takes you on a journey. I loved every moment of the experience that is this record. From the quiet and subdued melodies to the loud and raucous rock edge that makes them a really interesting listen for a music nerd like me. As soon as I listened to this album I got really excited. 

The production in itself is grungy and has that “we did this in a weekend in our bedroom” sort of vibe to it. For the most part, is a pretty gentle listen with nice acoustic guitar and the well-timed bass and drums work. The guitar work is well performed and creates some nice musical harmonies. However, when the band let themselves loose it’s a really fun ride. Like I’ve said it just feels raw. The intensity is great and juxtaposed against the smoother left-of-the-dial rock. It all comes together so well. Now in saying that I wish the album was a little more… experimental. In that, I wish there were more weird musical elements in there. I think that could take this over-the-top as this album feels a little safe, and believe me that’s a nitpick!

However, I still love how the album flows from track to track. It just rolls so effortlessly. Like the weird delivery of the lyrical content, it reminds me of Hüsker Dü or a Paul Westerberg. It has that devil may care attitude that embodies my idea of pure rock n roll. Just a fantastic album that made me feel so good when it’s playing and an album that I needed to put on again and again. Genuinely something I’ll recommend time and time again. Probably one of my favourite albums of the year so far.

Mick Birchall


Mick Birchall

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