Beartooth Manchester Academy 28th February 2020

Beartooth Manchester Academy 28th February 2020

Beartooth came to Manchester on Friday night and luckily we arrived just in time to see support from Australia’s The Amity Affliction, who had many of their own fans at the venue judging by the sound of the crowd.

This metalcore band went in all guns blazing from start to finish with the shouting vocals of Joel Birch backed by more melodic vocals of bassist Ahren Stringer and the prominent force of the drumming was heard and felt throughout the set.

With tracks like All My Friends Are Dead, Soak Me In Bleach, Drag The Lake and Feels Like I’m Dying I can see why the majority of fans were under 25.

The crowd surfing had started early and by the time US band Beartooth got to the stage in an epic burst of ticker tape, it had turned into crowd launching, security definitely got a good workout!!!

The vocals of Caleb Shomo were on point and his energy never dipped through the whole set which began with heavy track The Lines from their 2014 debut album Disgusting. The set was a mix of all three albums, the latest being Disease, which is my personal favourite as I find the lyrics have matured and the band has evolved towards a more mainstream sound but still maintaining its rawness.

Sandwiched in between two tracks from this album, Manipulation and Fire, was a totally epic, mid set drum solo from Connor Denis which left the fans awestruck and I honestly thought that some of the kit would fall off the stage at any point. Preceding the encore, Disease had the whole room singing before the band returned with one last track In Between which ended the night as heavy as it started. On the whole I thorough enjoyed both bands but Beartooth have secured a permanent place on my playlist and I look forward to seeing them again next time they visit the UK.

Setlist: The Lines Enemy Hated Aggressive Afterall Bad Listener I Have A Problem You Never Know Manipulation Drum Solo Fire Beaten In Lips Sick Of Me Body Bag Disease

Encore: In Between


Philip Goddard

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