Bad Touch at Manchester Academy 3

Bad Touch and special guests
Manchester academy 3
October 31st 2018

By Joanne Marsland

Photos by Philip Goddard

Bad Touch are a 5 piece band from Norfolk with an almost American feelgood style rock sound reminiscent of bands such as Bad Company, Aerosmith and Bon Jovi.

Front man of the band, Stevie, with his flamboyant shirt, long mane and handlebar moustache puts everything into the gig, belting out the lyrics with raw perfection and constantly showcasing the other band members Daniel,Rob, Michael and George throughout.

They begin the set with three belters from their superb new album Shake a Leg, Show me what it means, new single Lift your head up and Movin’ on up. Then the only track from Halfway Home, Good on me was blended into ZZ Tops Sharp dressed man which was a real crowd pleaser. Another three new ones next, Hammer falls and Tussle make you want to don a cowboy hat and drink Southern Comfort in the sun and Take me away is just pure rock. Throughout the night Stevie takes the time to thank the other bands Daxx and Roxanne and Aaron Buchanan and the cult classics who were also fantastic, and yes Aaron did do his handstand on the crowd.

The crowd were also constantly thanked for being there, especially as Shinedown were playing next door at the same time. The next track, Take your time, slows things down and is sung so beautifully and from the heart. From the same album, Truth be told, My mother told me pumped the crowd back up with some participation and was followed by the popular single Skyman leading into Whitesnakes Still of the night. Believe in me and Outlaw were bringing the night to an end but the crowd wanted more and they played Down from their earliest album before leaving the stage. It wasn’t long before they came back out with Stevie pointing out he hates encores.

Dressed to kill just gets everyones feet tapping and after Stevie’s earlier comment of this song being overplayed they end the night with fans favourite 99%.
Bad Touch are proof that good old Rock n roll will never die, it will evolve and give you something new while still feeling as familiar as your favourite leather jacket…….


Philip Goddard

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