A total blast from the past, Altered Images at Manchesters Academy 3

Clare Grogan has a voice that is strangely familiar, I’ve seen her in Red Dwarf and Father Ted so many times that when she spoke on stage it was like a best friends voice on the phone……….never met her in my life.

They walked out and started the show with I could be happy, a song I am familiar with because I’m not going to lie, I have 3 songs I really know and this was one.
A lot of unfamiliar, but great songs were then played including a few more modern until Don’t talk to me about love was played, absolutely love that song, heard that song so many times when I was in my teens.

Clare said the one thing she hated was being referred to was Claire and Clare, there’s no ‘i’ in my name, all tongue in cheek and then sang The Ting Tings song ‘That’s not my name‘.
Clares voice does not really seemed to have changed in the 40+ years that Altered Images have been around, yes 40+!! After they left the stage, they came back on to sing their masterpiece ‘Happy Birthday‘, I actually be surprised if anyone over 16 in the English speaking world had not heard this song.

The entire band then took a bow and left the stage to a very happy crowd.

I’m definitely going to make a playlist on Spotify of Altered Images and become more familiar with the songs…….was a great night out.

New favourite song is Love to Stay

Photos and Words by Philip Goddard 


Philip Goddard

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