A Rock City Christmas With Terrorvision

Support from Ryan Brooks & Alex Smith of Ferocious Dog, Rock City, Nottingham: 28th December 2021
Another trip down to Nottingham for the last gig of the year to see the mighty Terrorvision at their Rockin Xmas Party on Tuesday night. I was excited for this one, I have been a fan of this band since the 90s! The support band ‘The Lottery Winners‘ had to cancel last minute due to one of the band members testing positive 🙁 I have heard good things about these so was sad to hear this.

Ryan Brooks

Lined up to replace them, and kudos for getting a set arranged in an hour it was Ryan Brooks & Alex Smith of Ferocious Dog. They produced an acoustic set so I am looking forward to this as I like a bit of acoustic. They appear on stage to a warm welcome from the crowd, Ryan on guitar and Alex with the Cajon Percussion. Huge smiles on both their faces as they break into their short set of only 7 songs. ‘Arlene‘ was first, and Ryan delivering brilliant vocals, backed with the percussion, sounding excellent I thought. Followed with ‘Old No.7‘ (about my fave tipple) and ‘City Lights‘ They seemed so at ease and the crowd were loving them, cheers after each song. 

Alex Smith

Ryan had a little chat with the crowd thanking Terrorvision for having them. It appears they are friends, so they did not hesitate to call them up to fill the slot. To round off their set list ‘Find a Way‘, ‘The Other Side‘ ‘Dear Departed‘ and ‘Own Sweet Way‘ followed.

The pair got huge cheers when they finished and left the stage. Personally, I wanted more, and I don’t think I was alone there, they went down a treat. I caught up with the lads after the show to let them know how fab the set was.


There’s intro music for the headliners Terrorvision – ‘That’s the Way Aha Aha‘ then here they come onto the stage to huge cheers and applause. With Tony bouncing onto the stage in his shiny silver pants and Bowie tee, they immediately break into ‘Discoteque Wreck‘ from their album ‘How to make friends and influence people‘ of 1994 (This was when I first saw them live!) The crowd were bouncing already! next up ‘Our Christmas Song‘ and I am struggling to keep up with him with my camera as he jumps around like a Duracell Bunny 🐰


Mark Yates on guitar looking very cool in his shades (and can I say pulls off the ‘wear sunnies indooors’ very well) was at the front a lot so made it easy for some cool shots of him.
Getting on with the set, next is one of my all time faves ‘Alice What’s The Matter‘ and I could not help but jig along a bit to this as I took photos. More energetic tracks followed including ‘Come Home Beanie‘ ‘American TV‘ and ‘Pretend Best Friend‘ The crowd were loving every second, and a small pit had formed at the front with a raucous group. Also giving it welly on the bass is Leigh Marklew in his swarve white suit and bouncing around with the occasional kick. That guy has some cracking facial expressions, I caught a few as he posed down my lens.


More bangers in the form of ‘Tequila‘ it made me happy! then ‘Urban Space Crime‘ and ‘All Girls Wanna Dance‘ with Milton Evans smashing the keys at the back, in his colourful jacket and had a main part in the next track ‘From Out of Nothing‘ .

A softer approach for the track ‘My House‘ then bursts into a rocky song and it goes nuts on stage again – brilliant!
Celebrity Hit List‘ and ‘Go Jerry‘ were followed by a tribute to Lemmy with their track ‘The Night Lemmy Died‘ .


Middleman‘ was next up and involved crowd participation following Tony’s lead and waving arms side to side, it seems the whole place sang along to that one! Electric atmosphere! ‘Some People Say‘ wound it down a bit, they all probably needed to catch breath!

Winding it back up was ‘Dya Wanna Go Faster‘ it seems they all do, the crowd bouncing around as are the band! ‘Josephine‘ was a catchy number, a bit of a western style sounding to it, crowd chanting Josephine for the chorus. ‘Oblivion‘ was up next, and oh the place was nuts, the floor moving as feet bounced up and down on it. Awesome!
The set ended to Tony waving to the crowd at the end of the song and the band left the stage.

But not long and the band are back to the 70’s style Christmas song ‘Santa Never Came‘ finished off with ‘Perseverance‘ which had the crowd singing the loudest as they clearly enjoyed the whole gig, I know I did!!
What a gig! Terrorvision certainly delivered and rocked that place ! Not forgetting the amazing opener from Ryan and Alex, this was a night to remember and a fab way to see out 2021.

As I left the club I was invited to the after show party! Oh no I am driving home, gutted! ğŸ˜ž Next time!!


Photos and Review by Ange Cobham


Philip Goddard

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